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Dr Rachel Galettis

Clinical Trial Manager - University of Newcastle

Dr Rachel Galettis is the Clinical Trial Manager for ACRE. Her position involves the management of a NSW-wide study, Cannabinoids for Symptom Control in Advanced Cancer, An Open Label Prospective Clinical Trial in NSW (CARE NSW), funded by NSW Health through the NSW Clinical Cannabis Medicines Program.

CARE NSW aims to determine what dose and frequency of prescribed cannabis medicines are best to relieve the major symptoms in people with advanced cancer, as well as enable access to prescribed cannabis medicines for up to 600 advanced cancer patients in NSW, including patients from regional areas.

CARE NSW provides Rachel with the opportunity to combine her research passions of natural product pharmacology, consumer reported outcomes and the design and execution of quality clinical trials. Her early career included a PhD in New Zealand on the dietary chemoprevention of Pacific Island foods, before she moved to Australia and undertook pre-clinical and clinical research with isolated natural compounds. This, together with her subsequent coordination of the Australian Corneal Graft Registry and a large international multisite cancer trial for TROG Cancer Research, provided her with the necessary skills, understanding and appreciation of the complexities a clinical trial of cannabis medicines involve.