Professor Nicholas Lintzeris

University of Sydney (Professor)

Professor Nicholas Lintzeris (MBBS, PhD, FAChAM) is a clinician who has worked for over 30 years in the area of cannabis and other addictions and is a national reference regarding cannabinoid behaviour and response in humans. He also has a wealth of expertise in pharmacovigilance of medicines with abuse potential, such as opioid and benzodiazepine pharmacovigilance. Although ACRE is focused on developing an efficacy and safety evidence base for the medicinal aspects of cannabinoids, it is recognized that either actual or perceived abuse potential of cannabinoids by the community and health practitioners is a major hurdle to research into safe implementation of cannabinoid therapeutic goods in practice. Nicholas also has expertise in clinical trials regarding medicinal cannabinoids, including outcome, safety and cost effectiveness assessments, a major ACRE research theme.

Nicholas brings to ACRE expertise in survey development and is one of the most experienced doctors in the clinical use of cannabinoid therapeutics nationally – with experience in prescribing medicinal cannabinoids (e.g. nabiximols) in clinical settings, and has undertaken professional development in cannabinoid therapeutics internationally; this insight and experience is pivotal to the clinical trial work being planned for ACRE.