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Associate Professor Jennifer Schneider

Affiliate Investigator - University of Newcastle

Associate Professor Jennifer Schneider (BPharm (Hons) PhD Postgrad Cert Palliative Care) is a Pharmacist in the Discipline of Clinical Pharmacology, School of Medicine and Public Health, College of Health Medicine and Wellbeing at the University of Newcastle. Her area of clinical expertise is Palliative Care and she is co-author of the clinical reference book "The Syringe Driver: Continuous Infusions in Palliative Care" (Oxford University Press). Before moving to Clinical Pharmacology, Jenny was a foundation academic and had a key role in developing the Pharmacy Program and as Pharmacy Program Convenor at the University of Newcastle.

Jenny's research has focused on the development of analytical techniques for therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacokinetic studies, use of dried blood spot for drug monitoring and investigating the stability and compatibility of drug infusion solutions. She also has an interest in teaching and learning research, particularly around the use of augmented reality and other technology.

As an ACRE affiliate investigator, Jenny is collaborating on medicinal cannabis projects, has been co-author of publications on cannabis medicines and has contributed to a suite of NSW cannabis medicine prescribing guidance documents. She is also involved as a pharmacist in the Cannabis Medicine Advisory Service.