Dr Peter Galettis

University of Newcastle (Doctor)

Dr Peter Galettis (BSc, PhD) has specialised for the last 25 years in assay development for use in drug monitoring. He is responsible for analysis of plasma cannabinoids in the NSW Health sponsored Medicinal Cannabis (botanical leaf) for Anorexia in Cancer Phase II dose ranging study. NSW Health have contributed significant support for pharmacokinetics development and bioimpedence scales, and the University of Newcastle purchased a state of the art Shimadzu 8060 tandem MS specifically for human cannabinoid work and provide a backup tandem MS for clinical pharmacology, already used in analytic work.

Peter’s expertise and laboratory infrastructure and support is ideal for establishing and validating assays required for measuring cannabinoid concentrations in patient samples and (in tandem with Associate Investigator Shanlin Fu’s lab), Peter will lead the mass spectroscopy analyses for human cannabinoid pharmacokinetics within ACRE.