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Courtney Hill

Clinical Trial Coordinator – University of Newcastle

Courtney Hill is the Clinical Trial Coordinator for ACRE. Her position involves the coordination of the NSW-wide study, Cannabinoids for Symptom Control in Advanced Cancer, An Open Label Prospective Clinical Trial in NSW (CARE NSW), funded by NSW Health through the NSW Clinical Cannabis Medicines Program.

The CARE NSW Trial is looking at the effects that a range of cannabis medicines have on symptoms experienced by people with advanced cancer to understand what the best dose may be to relieve symptoms of nausea, anorexia or pain, in up to 600 people with advanced cancer patients in metropolitan and regional centres across NSW.

Courtney received her BSc in Biology in the United States and was responsible for the coordination of national and international multisite cancer trials for TROG Cancer Research in Australia. She is currently pursuing a Master of Cancer Sciences through the University of Melbourne. In addition to trial coordination, Courtney has a passion for database development and management.

Working in the field of clinical research allows her the opportunity of understanding the research behind the rationale of a new drug, technique or radiotherapy regime and the results of trials benefiting future patients. All these factors together have elevated a “just a job” role to a rewarding and professional career.