Associate Professor Shanlin Fu

University of Technology, Sydney (Associate Professor)

Associate Professor Shanlin Fu (BSc, MSc, PhD) is a chemist with skills in structural elucidation of organic molecules, biochemical analysis, drug metabolism and excretion and drug monitoring in biological matrices. His research activities include studies of cannabidiol in modulating neurotransmitter release, microbial transformation of cannabinoids, method development for sensitive detection of cannabinoids in biological samples, and workplace testing and drugs and driving studies (of relevance to community concerns around medicinal cannabis).

Shanlin will play a key role in building up a medicinal cannabis library within ACRE by constructing cannabinoid profiles and collecting data on environmental toxins, heavy metals, endogenous phenomes and metabolites. He will be responsible for design and execution of a cannabinoid metabolomic and proteomic protocol for detection of cannabinoid metabolomics and work to translate cannabinoid signalling pathways from animal models into human diseases and interrogate clinical efficacy and safety issues in the population using medicinal cannabinoids.