Zachary Howard

Affiliate Investigator - Hunter New England Local Heath District

Mr Zachary Howard (BSc Psychology) is a postdoctoral researcher currently employed with New South Wales Health. He holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, majoring in Psychology, and will soon graduate from a PhD program in the area of cognitive psychology.

Zach has performed research across a number of disciplines, including perception, attention, and memory, specialising in applying mathematical models of human behaviour to advance understanding of how these processes occur. His PhD research focuses on assessing the impact of mental workload on performance in cognitive tasks, as well as evaluating human behaviour in multi-attribute and dual-tasks. Zach has also made contributions to the mathematical and statistical tools researchers use to evaluate these kinds of issues.

Zach has been involved with a number of applied research studies, particularly in the Defence sector. His research has assisted with the recruitment and evaluation of specialised personnel in the RAAF, and has contributed to the evaluation and development of highly sophisticated technological advancements to assist helicopter pilots perform optimally in adverse weather conditions.

Within his role with New South Wales Health, Zach is embedded into the Flutracking project led by Dr Craig Dalton. Zach will utilise his background in mathematical and statistical analysis to develop exciting new directions for Flutracking research streams. Zach is leading the development of the online platform for an ACRE led clinical trial, and will contribute to the statistical evaluation of that trial as well.