Our Research Themes

The Australia Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence (ACRE) will generate evidence-based knowledge through research undertaken in three Research Clusters which overarch seven distinct research themes, each underpinned by knowledge synthesis and health economics.

ACRE’s themes are designed to provide a broad, clinically-relevant and scientifically-valid framework around the therapeutic use of medicinal cannabinoids ranging from mechanistic human and animal studies and plant science through to translation into policy, prescribing and clinical practices.



Plant Science


Theme 1: Plant Cannabinoid Library

Development of a library that is a unique tool for matching phenotypic and metabolomic profiles with desired quality indications for optimal clinical trial design


Theme 2: Plant/soil science and pharmaceutical optimisation of compounds

Optimisation of physiochemical and botanical components of cannabis plant most likely to benefit human disease conditions, appropriate formulation to enhance appropriate usage for that disease and enhance compliance



Mechanistic studies and drug development


Theme 3: Basic research, preclinical and clinical pharmacology research

At the completion of the ACRE funding period, we will provide a full spectrum of high quality cannabinoid clinical pharmacology services to clinicians, Industry and (bio-) pharmaceutical industry, at which point further funding will be sourced via HMRI and externally to maintain the capabilities of our clinical pharmacology hub.


Theme 4: Preclinical and clinical studies of medicinal cannabinoids

Knowledge about safety, efficacy and mechanisms of action for specific products and conditions.



Promoting effective dissemination and transfer of research outcomes into health policy and/or practice


Theme 5: Knowledge Dissemination, Theme 6: Knowledge Translation

Development and dissemination of policy, guidelines and information into the health and lay community via websites and GP focus groups.


Theme 7: Pharmacovigilance

Development of linked data collection tools in the State and Federal authorised prescriber and SAS that can provide information on use, disease, benefit and toxicity that can back-translate to develop basic research in plants, animals and humans, as well as assist GPs in primary care.


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